Something bad has happened …

Forty one years ago a few thousand souls found themselves in an unfamiliar world, with no memory of a former life or explanation for their plight. Haunted by dreams of a bright, sunlit world they begin the task of rebuilding what they can. Now thatched huts line the rivers and dot the plains, smoke rises daily from the forges of the Dwarves, and deep in the Feywood the secrets of magic are being rediscovered. While some believed this world a paradise and some a prison, it has become something more: it has become a home.

And now in this peaceful refuge …

Those firstborn that remember the first days always speak of it as a chaotic time, confused and contradictory accounts that illuminate little but reinforce their reputation as scarred psyches. Few can speak of the dreams that they had in those fist few days without the terror and despair they felt showing in their eyes. But their offspring now dwarf their own numbers and their inchoate warnings seem – at best – the ramblings of eccentric throwbacks. Until in the winter of the year 41 Since … the dreams come back.

It is happening again.

The End of the World and After

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