A Half-Elf first born, raised by Wilden, searching for parents he never new.


Quinn is older then the world, but not by much. He was barely a year old when the first new gloaming dawned. He was raised by Wilden, and it wasn’t until his teens that he even knew what a parent was. Upon the discovery that unlike the Wilden almost everyone had them, he decided that it was imperative to find his own.

His early efforts to find his parents ran into failure after failure, leading Quinn to fall into a deep depression, at least until he came up with a promising scheme anew. It didn’t take too long before he realized that his moods affected those around him, especially those who he was close to.

Quinn spent the latter part of his twenties in isolation traveling in the wilderness, learning to master his emotions. This task was mitigated in the fall of Quinn’s 31st year by a chance meeting with the Zenmura Monks in the Shimasaka mountains at the southern edge of the world. There he was able to refine the techniques he’d been teaching himself, and also learned a form of meditation that allowed him greater control of his own emotions as well as a start on the ability to leaven or strengthen the effect they had on others.

With a new sense of self-confidence, and positive attitude inherited from the half decade he spent with the Zenmura Monks he renewed his quest to find his parents. Upon a suggestion from Waraki he headed to Hollowfield . From past experience he knew that Human portion of the parent problem would probably be simpler then the Elven half. Besides, his human parent probably would be able to tell him about the elven one no problem!

In Hollowfield he made his enthusiasm as contagious as possible, enlisting the aide of any who could be turned to his task with a kind word and happy thought. One woman in particular, Wres became entangled with his task, though mostly because it dovetailed nicely with her own passion which was constructing a history, genealogy and heraldry for the world.

The last few years Quinn has roamed the environs around Hollowfield extensively, sometimes going quite far, but always always returning to consult with Wres. Together they’ve recruited more souls into her network of amateur record keepers, and expanded the written history of the world. Quinn doesn’t really care about that but humors her because he knows that success at her task will make his more likely as well.


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